Now open!

Wolves weren’t originally part of the vision for the Zoo's award-winning Journey to Churchill exhibit. However, when Journey to Churchill opened in July 2014, the Zoo only had four polar bears and two other dedicated polar bear enclosures. There was room to accommodate another northern animal species and wolves were a natural fit.

The Zoo’s timber (grey) wolf pack includes one female and four males. They have been a huge hit with Zoo visitors, but we need their current enclosure to accommodate our growing polar bear population, so the wolves now have a permanent home that is better suited to their needs.

The new wolf exhibit, is located in the Boreal Forest section of the Zoo approximately halfway between the Zoo entrance and Journey to Churchill. The exhibit has been designed to take advantage of a natural rise in elevation and abundant mature trees while maximizing the quality and number of viewing opportunities for visitors.

Key elements include a water feature, heated rocks in prominent viewing locations, and a highly naturalized landscape that will provide the wolves with the opportunity to forage and explore naturally.