Snow Leopard

Taxonomic Name: Panthera uncia

Conservation Status:
Vulnerable (IUCN)

Type: Mammal

Longevity in the Wild: 10 - 13 years

Diet: Sheep, ibex, markhor, and other large mammals. Will also eat small mammals such as hare or pika.

Size: Head to tail length 1.8 - 2.3 m; the tail can be almost as long as their body!

Weight: 35 – 55 kg

Group Name:  Snow Leopards are solitary animals except when mother is with cubs, or during mating season.

Fun Fact: Snow leopards live on high plateaus, mountain cliffs and rugged terrain in the Himalayan mountains. Data from radio-collared wild snow leopard shows some snow leopards have a home range size of over 400 km2!

You can find the Zoo's snow leopards in the Asia section!

Snow leopard