Exterior Gardens at Canada's Diversity Gardens


The Indigenous Peoples’ Garden will be a gathering place that recognizes our country’s strong Aboriginal heritage while at the same time brings all communities together. Here, visitors will learn about indigenous perspectives, cultural practices and contributions made by indigenous peoples – both historical and contemporary – in the development of this country and the Canadian identity through their knowledge, application and appreciation of plants.

The beliefs and traditions of First Nations reflect a deep philosophical understanding and respect for nature. Their stories, dances, music, art, clothing, and spiritual rituals reflect the belief that spirits exist among the natural world. Here, in the Indigenous Peoples’ Garden, the relationships of indigenous cultures with the environment, both past and present, will be explored.

Through careful planning and thoughtful design directed by First Nations advisors, this will be a place that serves as a crossroads of cultures, a place for sharing knowledge, where people can discover or rediscover the culture of Canada’s first inhabitants, while offering an opportunity for the First Nations to share their traditions, wisdom and connection with the land.

Indigenous Peoples' Garden - concept photo


An ornamental horticultural masterpiece, the Cultural Mosaic Gardens will celebrate immigrants from climates similar to Canada and the northern hemisphere with a modern twist to the garden styles of their homelands. The main promenade will travel through the middle of the garden giving visitors the opportunity to walk through multiple garden vignettes and horticultural experiences.

The Cultural Mosaic Gardens will change over time allowing for a focus on multiple themes including health and well-being, sustainability and conservation. These themes will be realized through ornamental grasses, fruit trees and shrubs as well as perennials and annual flowers that radiate colour.

Featured gardens will include a Kitchen Garden, Seasonal Garden, Performance Garden and Sensory Garden.

Canada's Diversity Gardens - Seasonal Garden


The Grove is where Canada’s Diversity Gardens changes its focus to the majesty of trees. Here, visitors will encounter an abundance of plant life in the spring, a cool retreat in the summer, breathtaking views of fall foliage and refuge from the cold winter along beautiful snow covered woodland paths. The Grove will wrap visitors in a tranquil arboretum setting that reminds us of the simple beauty and calming nature of trees.

All images are concept photos only.
The Grove - concept photo