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Giant Fleece Flower

Many Persicaria plants share two common features: showy leaves and an aggressive nature. Persicaria polymorpha, or giant fleece flower, doesn’t have showy leaves, but you’ll never miss them. And it tends to be quite well-behaved in the garden. Fleece flower blooms in early summer and goes on for more than a month, getting taller and taller along the way. Although giant fleece flower looks like a shrub, it grows like a herbaceous perennial, dying back to the ground in winter. However, it makes up for it by quickly growing upwards of 6 ft. tall and almost as wide, the following season. Giant fleece flower stays in a well-behaved clump and rarely seeds or spreads by rhizomes. It is widely adaptable and requires little maintenance.

In the Park:
You can currently find giant fleece flower in bloom in the beautiful English Garden.

The Spruce
giant fleece flower